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Pre-Design / Feasability

Some projects necessitate the gathering and analysis of information prior to starting the project to ensure a full understanding of the parameters that will determine the design.  These activities can include the following:

  • Zoning Analysis

  • Programming

  • Existing Condition Analysis

  • Historical Research

Architectural Design

The design process begins with a full documentation of the Existing Conditions along with the client's goals for their project.  The process is then broken down into two, main phases.  First, during Schematic Design, options will be developed starting in sketch form to help the client find the solution that best fits their needs.  The second phase, Construction Documentation will further refine the design while at the same time developing important construction details which will lead to the final drawings that will be used for pricing and building permits.

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Master Bath 2.jpg

Interior Design

Whether it be a Kitchen, Bathroom, or a new Mudroom with built-in storage, we can assist the clients with all their interior design needs.  This can be as simple as helping pick materials or colors or a full Kitchen layout with full design renderings.

Construction Administration

Along with the client and the general contractor, we pride ourselves on fulfilling the architect's role during construction.  As part of this triumvirate we can provide the following:

  • Bidding Coordination

  • Site meetings

  • Review of substitutions and changes

  • Review of contractor requests for payment

  • Punchlist

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